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Maintaining your credentials

The Maintenance Program allows certificants to maintain their certification on a three-year basis.  Six (6) months prior to expiration of certification certificants will receive a notice for certification renewal.

Those maintaining a certification must either successfully retest or earn 45 contact hours of continuing education during that three year period.  30 hours must be in the medical esthetic specialty area.


AMEN/AAMEP members                $150
Non members                                     $250
Late Fee (30 day grace)*                   $50

*There is a one-time grace period of 30 days in which a certificant has to renew their certification for an additional fee of $50.  Failure to renew certification within the 30 days following expiration of certification will require the candidate to regain their status only through retesting.

All certificants must file a maintenance application, pay the applicable fee and list their continuing education activities on the maintenance application or notify AAMEP they wish to maintain via re-examination, by completing the appropriate information on the maintenance application.

Send application to :             

2000 South Andrews Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33316

AAMEP does NOT accept fax applications or take application information over the phone.

AAMEP is not responsible for lost, damaged or misdirected mail.

If you wish to receive a notification that your application has been received (not approved) by AAMEP, include a postage paid postcard with your application.  This will be sent back to you when your application is opened for processing.  AAMEP will NOT confirm application receipt by phone, fax, or email.

It can take up to four weeks to process an application. It may take longer the closer you remit your application to your maintenance due date. 
All those maintaining by re-examination must meet current examination eligibility criteria.  You must successfully pass the examination PRIOR to your current maintenance due date and during your current period of certification.

  • Complete the first page of the application.
  • Check the box for the re-examination option.
  • You need to return the examination application, documentation and stated fee.
  • You must meet current examination eligibility requirements.  These requirements may be different from when you were originally certified.

Fees can be paid by check.  Checks should be made payable to AAMEP.  Or fees can be paid by credit card.

  • The maintenance fee for those maintaining by re-examination (Online) is the current examination fee of $150.  Phone AAMEP for test site and dates for testing or online examination information. (Fees are subject to change without notice.)
  • The maintenance fee for recertification by maintaining by continuing education is as noted above.

All incomplete applications are subject to a $10 nonrefundable re-processing fee.  Incomplete applications are defined as those:

  • Missing required information
  • Containing incorrect or no fees
  • Resulting in returned checks (i.e. NSF or stop payments, etc.)
  • Resulting in declined or non authorization of credit card payment
  • Demonstrating inadequate or non-applicable continuing education
  • Listing inadequate continuing education hours to meet maintenance requirements
  • Or for any other reason that requires the application be returned to the certificant because a determination of status cannot be made


1.  Complete the maintenance application.

  • Your application must be postmarked no later than your maintenance due date.

2.  List continuing education activities on the back of the application.

  • This application becomes part of your record and must reflect your compliance with maintenance requirements.
  • You do not need to provide copies of your continuing education certificates.

3.  You must document at least 45 contact hours of continuing education credit.  At least 30 contact hours must be in medical

Hours are designated as follows:
1 college quarter hour     =                             10 contact hours
1 college semester hour      =             15 contact hours
1 CEU     =                                                    10 contact hours
AMA Category 1 hour     =               1 contact hour
1 CME     =                                                    1 contact hour
1 CEARP     =                                   1 contact hour
For other designations, contact AAMEP for conversion translation of their accredited hours.

The following activities can also qualify for meeting maintenance requirements:

Presentation of Continuing Education Programs
Individuals who present continuing education programs can use the same amount of credit awarded to the participants attending the presentation to maintain their certification. This activity must be outside the individual’s current job responsibilities.  Programs presented must earn credit within AAMEP guidelines.  Any given presentation of the same program can be used only once during an individual certification period, even if it is presented multiple times.


  • 5 contact hours will be awarded to those individuals who have written a journal article or a chapter of a book
  • 15 contact hours will be awarded to those individuals who are a primary or secondary author of a book

Rules for Using Publications for Maintenance

  • The publication date of the article/book will determine its applicability for your current certification maintenance.
  • You are limited to using one article, book authorship per certification maintenance cycle.
  • Articles/books must be related to the esthetic certification specialty area.
  • Proof of authorship can be established by including a copy of the title page of the article with the title of the article, your name as author and the publication date.
  • For primary or secondary book authorship, pages from the book that identify the title, author and publication date must be submitted.


AAMEP randomly selects for audit a percentage of individuals who are due to maintain their certification.  All incomplete applications are automatically selected for audit.  An audit requires the individual to submit copies of the certificates of continuing education being used for the purposes of maintenance.  The notice of audits may come with your notice that your certification is due or you may be subject to an audit after you have submitted your certification maintenance application.

If selected for audit and you fail to provide continuing education certificates or fail to meet the deadline to submit additional documentation that would complete your application, your certification will lapse.  Incomplete applications are subject to a nonrefundable $10 reprocessing fee.

If you can’t maintain by your maintenance due date or haven’t earned enough continuing education credits, you can request a one time, three month extension.  This extends the time to file.  It does NOT change your next maintenance due date.  During this extension period, any request for verification of certification status will be reported as lapsed.  If you do not file within the stated extension time, your certification will lapse.  You can use continuing education earned in the extension period to maintain the extended certification.  The cost to extend your certification is $30.  If using CE earned during the extension period to maintain this cycle, this same CE cannot be used to maintain the next cycle.

You may request an extension in the following ways:



Go to AAMEP website.  On the homepage, click on the link for maintenance of certification and fill out the form and fax/mail the form to AAMEP.

You must file your extension request no later than the postmark date of your maintenance due date or no later than midnight if faxing (your time zone) of your maintenance due date.  Requests received without fees will be returned.  An acknowledgement of the granting of the extension will be sent to you. Extension requests received after the maintenance due date will not be honored. Such individuals will need to reinstate in order to maintain certification.

All incomplete applications are subject to a nonrefundable $10 re-processing fee.

Lapsed Certifications – Your certification will lapse (expire) if:

  • You do not file the required application or extension request and/or fees by the designated maintenance due date.
  • You choose to maintain by re-examination and do not successfully pass the exam.
  • You do not earn the required hours of continuing education, participate in continuing education activities not recognized by AAMEP or if you do not earn at least 30 hours in the esthetic certification area.
  • You do not satisfactorily remediate an incomplete application within the requested deadline date.
  • Your healthcare professional license is not active.

Certification can be revoked if AAMEP determines any information on your maintenance application has been intentionally or unintentionally misrepresented.

Reinstatement Program
For those who fail to maintain their certification by their maintenance due date, a reinstatement program is available.  The reinstatement program allows those professionals to come back into the system without re-examination.  Individuals so affected must file a reinstatement application available from AAMEP and pay a $175 reinstatement fee.  Reinstatement applications must be submitted no later than 12 months of the original certification maintenance due date.  If, successfully reinstated the next maintenance date remains unchanged from the original maintenance due date.

All lapsed individuals will automatically be notified approximately 30 days after their certification lapses. If the completed reinstatement application is not received within the 12 month period following the original maintenance due date, the only way certification can be regained is by re-examination.  All current exam eligibility requirements in effect at the time will need to be met.

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