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Founding Members

  • Sasha Parker, RN, MEP-C
  • Kathy Jakary, RN, MEP-C
  • Leigh Giordano, BSN, MA, MEP-C
  • Virgina Beaton,  PhD, APN
  • Joan Olcott, RN, MEP-C
  • Kim Hatton, RN, FNP
  • Tracy Korby, RN
  • Cindy Wood, RN, BS
  • LilijanaVasic, RN, MEP-C
  • Michelle Hoff, MSN, ARNP
  • Emily English, MSN, ARNP
  • Herb Desouza, RN, MEP-C, NP-c
  • Lisa Mantkus, RN, MEP-C
  • Susan Anderson, RN

American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals

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American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals

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